Tuesday, June 20, 2017

See you next September

What a wild and crazy year we've had!  We are so happy you've been along for the ride.  So many fabulous things we've been part of together:

New Bouncy Castles & Toys:
THANK YOU to the Canada Post Community Foundation for their grant to assist with the purchase of new toys, including our bouncy castles, secure storage for the new toys, and the music programming trial.  We couldn't have done it without this gracious grant.  

Expanding to 2 play sessions at the Fieldhouse each week:
THANK YOU to the City of Yellowknife for their Multi-Year Grant that helps us with our facility rental costs.  This grant allows us to meet your needs for play time, keeping our Drop-in Fees low while we grow as an association.

NWTRPA Get Active Events & Park Days:
Much appreciation to the Northwest Territories Recreation and Parks Association for their fabulous Get Active program.  Their grants allow YKPG to host our FREE special events.

Music & DancePl3y Classes : 
Thank you so much Amanda Grobbecker for sharing a DancePl3y class with us.  

Mary Kelly, it was a beautiful experiment this year.  We really enjoyed working with you.  We are so very greatful for your flexibility, musical talent, and playful music classes.  Thank You! We hope you can be back to ring the bells with us again next season.

Private Donations:

YKPG is also grateful for the private monetary donations that we've received throughout the year.  From the small donations that appear like magic in our Drop-in bucket to the larger amount donated by Member Jared Bilenki which enabled the purchase of the special event Obstacle Bouncer.
YKPG is also appreciative of the time given by the Caregivers who helped with set-up or clean-up when they could.  Irregular yet steady, the supply of kindness from our Members helps our Coordinators stay energized!!

* Did you know YK Playgroup runs a year-round fundraiser with FundScrip.  If you purchase a gift card through FundScrip, YKPG receives a % from the Company - not off your card or from you.  (a few of our Board Members use them for groceries, an easy way for grandparents to help you AND our community's kids). For more information, click on the Fundraising tab above.

Finally, but most importantly, YKPG would like to: 
THANK the Coordinators & Board Members who devoted so much time, energy and resources towards making Yellowknife Playgroup the FUNtabulous place to play that we have enjoyed all Season!!

April : Monday Coordinator Extraordinaire (3 Seasons or was it 4?).  This was April's last Season helping with Playgroup.  We are sad to see her go, but, as we know, kids grow up a bit and move on to other things that need attention too.  An amazingly patient and helpful person, Cheers! to your new adventures with your boys!!!  Come back and play anytime!!

Meaghan : Vice-President (2 Seasons).  Meaghan is moving with her family and can no longer help on the YKPG Board.  As a dayhome operator and the Cake Lady, it is amazing that she was able to find the time to help with the administrative and help backup-coordinate Sessions.  A solid soundingboard, Meaghan encouraged the Board to make well-rounded decisions for families and day homes alike.  We will miss you!

Positions are opening for next Season, please consider taking on a role.  We are happy with parttime, halftime, anytime, kind of help.  The AGM (Sept 26) is a safe place to test out it all out: we self nominate for a spot on the board or as a Coordinator; positions/portfolios are determined at the first meeting of the Board.  Coordinators benefit from free admission for their children to that session; Officers benefit from free admission for their children to all sessions.

* You won't be flying it alone, both Rachel (Treasurer) and Zoe (President) are interested in helping out again, but in smaller roles.

And lastly, it is important to take a moment to retroactively THANK Hille Stewart.  I think I secretly hoped she'd be back to help this year so I put off talking about what a wonderful contribution she'd made to the Playgroup when she stepped down.  Tirelessly coordinating crafts for Wednesday Session, & sometimes quietly waiting for members who did other things on Wednesdays.   She always had things prepped to stimulate the childrens' imaginations.  From play dough to cookies, reading stories and singing songs; she was Wednesday's Coordinator for many seasons & she occupied the Secretary position on the Board for around 2 seasons (or was it 3?).  THANK YOU so much Hille, you have been missed but I know you've been doing great things for the Playschool. Felicitations!!

September 11, 9:30-11:30am, Fieldhouse